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National O-Ring Measuring Gage
  • For an accurate measurement every time, use the national O-Ring identification gage to correctly measure your O-Rings.

    Designed by O-Ring users, this tool is versatile enough to measure the most popular sizes of O-Rings.

    Measures AS568A dash series, -001-050, -102-178, -120-279, -309-382 and -425-455.

O-Ring Sizing Cone
  • The cone is for checking O-Ring sizes relating to the AS568A-numbering system. A must for anyone who uses O-Rings.

    Proper identifications and markings appear on the cone and tape, making the device easy to use.

O-Ring Size Selection Chart
  • An easy to use flip chart showing silhouettes of the 239 different sizes of O-Rings. Just match the cross section of the O-Ring you want to measure on the cross section of the bar chart illustrated on each page. Once you determine the O-Ring cross section, go to the page which illustrates those O-Rings. Simply place the O-Ring on the silhouette and read the size dash number right from the chart.

O-Ring Lubricants
  • O-Lube
    A silicone lubricant that can be used with virtually any rubber polymer.

    Super O-Lube
    Has a wide temperature range (-65 f to +400 f) and in most cases will provide increased environmental protection to the elastomer.

    It is quite inert and is compatible with a wide range of fluid media. Typical applications where this lubricant is beneficial are high pressure systems and vacuum systems. Super O-Lube is non-toxic and non-irritating under normal conditions. It will not clog 30 micron filters, is moiusture resistant and adheres to all surfaces.

Turbo Fuse Cyanoacrylate
  • The strongest cyanoacrylate adhesive we have found.
    • Fast setting
    • No heating or mixing
    • Versatile
    • Inexpensive
    Sets in seconds.

    Bonds: rubber, metal, plastics, glass and ceramics.